Hip and Knee Replacement at Beth Israel Medical Center


Steven F Harwin, MD

Steven F Harwin, MD Chief of Adult Reconstruction, Beth Israel Medical Center Dr. Steven F. Harwin, an expert in hip and knee replacement and a design consultant for some of the world’s most popular implants and instruments used in hip and knee replacement surgery, is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic ...
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Dr. Steven F. Harwin, Chief of Adult Reconstruction (hip and knee replacement) at Beth Israel, and an innovator and design consultant for numerous hip and knee replacement implants, will demonstrate, with anatomic models and animations, how hip and knee replacement surgery is performed and how it can benefit patients. 

Hip and knee replacement is recommended when osteoarthritis has seriously limited a patient's normal activity level due to joint pain, or a serious fracture has damaged the joint beyond repair. There are over 500,000 hip and knee replacement surgeries in the United States every year. Hip and knee replacement has a very high success rate, a low level of complications, can relieve severe joint pain and allows patients to return to most of the activities they used to enjoy.